Liquid Metal Flowmeters


Liquid Metal Flowmeter EMDfw „Flywheel“

  • contact-free measurement principle
  • sensor characteristics determinable with Ga-In-Sn at room temperature
  • real-time calibration depending on fluid temperature possible
  • medium accuracy, medium dynamics

technical information: EMDfw „Flywheel“


Liquid Metal Flowmeter EMDtr

  • contact-free measurement principle, calibration-free in a wide range, indipendent from temperature and electrical conductivity of the fluid
  • usable up to a fluid temperature of 800 °C (higher temperatures on request)
  • low-drift measure data processing
  • high dynamics, high accuracy

technical information: EMDtr

Liquid Metal Flowmeter EMDcd

  • simple low-cost conductive measurement method for fluids that wet the pipe wall Na, Li, PbLi
  • theoretical calculation of the sensor characteristics
  • high dynamics, limited accuracy

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